Feature film by Tomáš Hruška and Saimir Bajo

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Arian (Albania) and Tonda (Czech) have, despite their extremely different mentalities, a lot in common. Both lives in their bubble world convinced of their small truths. Tonda see the main problem in migrants. Arian follows the example of his Muslim grandfather. Tonda is shocked by the arrival of his sister Lucy and Arian's brother, Luan. This event provokes great emotions for both families. The wedding ceremony in Czech it looks like a funeral. Tonda and his parents must go to Albania for the wedding celebration. Tonda is forced to share his room with Arian, creating a series of personal conflicts. The wedding takes place, despised it is disturbed by the arrival of the relative, Maria and her beautiful, half Roma 23-year-old daughter Stella. When Maria was young, she fell in love with a Roma man with whom she had Stella. The family rejected her and she decided to go to Italy. In the following days, despite the bans on their families, both boys are increasingly attracted by Stella. They begin to compete with each other and their conflicts stem primarily from their desire for her. It looks that the two protagonists will never reconcile. Arian and Tonda leave the village to reach Stella to take a bath in the sea. They swim and it is clear that they are finally reconciled. They go back home and are confronted with their families who do not like their relationship with Stella. They escape to a campsite where the atmosphere is relaxed and people are dancing.


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